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20 February
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This is the journal of Maxine Green. I'm an artist & illustrator and the owner of www.chaosbunny.com
I am currently living in London, but travelling a lot.

I'm openly bisexual, polyamorous, kinky and a whole lot else besides - there is a list of my 'important' posts here and a post about who I am and why I blog here.

I try to challenge perceptions about a lot of things that are not the norm whilst still being interesting and entertaining. My work as an artist gives me the luxury to do so without fear of losing my job, etc., so in many ways I feel it's my duty to be open about as much as possible about everything I am, and to open discussion about the things that I'm not.

To that end, as far as possible all of my posts are public. You do not have to be on my friends list to read my journal and please feel free to add me to your reading lists without asking.

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