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Height is Power

Food for thought.

Look down on,
Beneath me,
To overlook,
Cast down,
To fall for,
To take down,
To suppress.

Look up to,
Aim high,
A raise.
To think highly of,
From on high.
To elevate.
An uprising.

I do not wear my heels, my heavy, stompy, world-destroying heels, 'despite' being a feminist.
I wear them to even the score.


It always strikes me as somewhat amusing that high heels are seen as a feminine thing now: it is seen as demeaning, in our current cultural climate, for a man to wear 'girls shoes' - and yet, once upon a time, men, and especially members of the aristocracy, were the only people who wore them. It was a lord's right to tower over his people.

A few centuries back, for a woman to wear heels was a political act.
Because the idea that a woman could dare to approach the height of a man was challenging, unreasonable, shocking behaviour.

Personally, I think it still holds some value.

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Ha ha ha, now that is some serious power footwear!

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