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Form Letter (Response to idiots sending me form letters on dating sites and social networks*)
Dear Stranger,

Read the damn profile. Pick something that might be a mutual interest. Start a conversation about it. It's really not hard. If I wanted generalised spam messages with no connection to my own personality I'd go look in my trash email.

No love,

Someone who's very bored of getting form letters from people who clearly don't give a shit about who I am other than 'female'.

*Yes, this happens often enough that it is worth having a form response that I can copy and paste. Now, finally, here it is.

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(Deleted comment)
Astounded that anyone would think this a workable approach.

I guess this is the dating equivalent of spam, and just as likely to work.

Don't. Get. Me. Started.

Seriously, I recently ended up taking a Facebook sabbatical after a long drawn-out series of arguments with someone who insisted that short, generic messages were best on dating sites because they were the most productive use of HIS time in terms time spent to response rate. Whereas I was arguing that it's nice to treat people you want to date/fuck/be friends with like, y'know, human beings rather than slot machines.

Ha! You're lucky you get actual form letters; I just get random friend requests from total strangers.

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